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This team member brings his delightful personality and professional experience with him every day when he comes to the show ring. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without Randy Allgood. He is phenomenal with the kids in and out of the show ring. Nationally known cattle judge also a well-known show cattle producer. We are excited to have Randy and the Allgood show cattle team.


We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful nationally known cattle showman as part of our staff. Alexa grew up raising show cattle with her dad. Alexa has been a significant part of Allgood’s show cattle for many years. When Alexa joined us, we knew we made a terrific decision, and we are so excited to share her talent with all of you.


Jerry is a retired Ag Teacher with passion for cattle and kids. Jerry has been sponsoring kids to show cattle for more than 25 years. He had a vision to create a way to teach kids about how to improve their skills in and out of the show ring from that vision “Show Cattle Cartel “ was born.


Hello, My name is Adalyn Hamilton. I am a World Champion Showman who has a passion for the livestock industry & the youth within it. Can’t wait to spend time coaching you guys to your next championship! Thank you to the Show Cattle Cartel team for giving me this opportunity! See y’all soon! 

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Jennifer has spent many years in the cattle industry. Always the one behind the scenes to make things happen for the kids. The sponsor chaser, paperwork organizer and website designer.


Questions? Concerns? Our team members are here for you.

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